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Do you know what you want to do when you “grow up”?

This question haunts millions people all over the world, no matter what country, education or even age. Figuring out a purpose is hard for a lot of people, so follow along the interviews and conversation to figure out how these people did exactly that - or are still doing.

The Pioneers Show is a podcast that displays real conversations with innovators, entrepreneurs, makers, and thinkers about how to develop the best life one can have. Learn about different career paths, different industries, technologies, and try to take some of the blurry information that there is out there about these topics.

The goal of the podcast, created even before I start learning how to code, was to get a better understanding of what it takes to create long lasting projects.


Ever since joining Ironhack the episodes have been put on hold, but as soon as I arrange the time, the podcast will be back online. There are around 10 episodes yet to be published (and edited) and after that, probably a hundred conversations that are yet to be scheduled and recorded.

The Pioneers Show

This text about to this project will be done in two parts. Mostly because there's a before and after learning to code.

Java the (W)hut?

This Pioneers Show is a sequel - a real better, more mature one - than a podcast I had launched back in Portugal. Both times, the podcast was created as an excuse to be able to talk with very inspiring people, usually much more experienced that I am, in order to get them to even consider talking with me.

Coding was on the back of my mind, but coming from a background of business and venture development, operations, and the tech accelerator world, my goal was always focused more on these topics - building a business, running it, and how did those ideas and practices translate to the real world, let's say.

The podcast has been listened more than 10.000 times. In over 50 countries and I've interviewed more than 40 people altogether. People from Australia, all the way to the US and Zimbabwe.

Getting a chance to get perspective from not only 100+ people companies, but smaller one-man shows. From Github, all the way to very specific Med-Tech accelerators. The Pioneers Show was my outlet to learn more about all possible topics, but also a chance to get my name and voice out there.

With the podcast I was able to participate in multiple events - in Berlin and Dublin. All of them have given me a chance to know some of the most interesting and impressive people that I've met so far. All share at least one thing in common - they are dreamers, they are trying to hustle and they are all trying to achieve something impressive.

Coding Mega Ninja Wizard, Ruler and Magician of the Internet and Master of all Printers

Spoiler Alert. I'm not a Coding Mega Ninja Wizard, Ruler and Magician of the Internet and Master of all Printers. I am, however, someone who is always trying to learn more and more. And after hearing a whole lot about React and Gatsby, I figured turning the website into the JAMStack - something we don't learn during the bootcamp, would be a great idea.

After a lot of documentation scraping, tutorials, and going back and forth with a designer, the website is now up. Even though it's still going through some redesign efforts, the Pioneers Show was the first real "solo" project I've ever done on a production and coding level.

I cannot take full credit though. Catarina Rosa has helped me a lot with designing things for the podcast and later for the website. She has been restless in making sure I not only provide close to pixel perfect coding renditions to what she designed, but also keeps me honest in my approaches in some places, where a hacky mind would have made it faster.>//