My name is André and I'm a full stack developer

After having a proven track record as a project and business developer with 25+ startups and leading projects with designers, developers and sales people on multiple countries, stages and industries, I am now looking for a full-stack developer role.


What brought me here

Oct 2019 - Present
Junior Full Stack Development Instructor
Ironhack, Berlin

As part of the teaching staff, supported over 90 students with their different coding projects in technologies such as ReactJs, MongoDB, ExpressJs, Styled-Components and P5Js.

Aug 2017 - Apr 2018
Business Associate
Techstars, Paris & Berlin

Led business development activities for 21 portfolio companies in 13 different verticals (Mobility, Customer Support, Insurance Tech, Supply Chain, Fintech, Enterprise Software, Digital Security, Blockchain, Hardware, EdTech, Social Tech and Augmented Reality);

Designed and improved investor outreach strategies and materials;

Led Customer Pipeline, Customer Acquisition and Go-To-Market Strategy Frameworks for each portfolio company.

Apr 2017 - Jul 2017
Network Manager
Beta-i, Lisbon

Managed relationships between over 500 startups, 200 investors and all corporate partners.

Connected startups, investors and corporates with the best fit for their preferences that created deal flow for all of them.


My formal education

Aug 2019 - Present
Full Stack Web Development
Ironhack, Berlin

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript ES6, MongoDB, ReactJs, NodeJs, ExpressJs.

Sep 2013 - Sep 2016
Marketing and Advertising
ESCS, Lisbon

Built Iberian peninsula’s first student-run marketing agency using the Junior Enterprise movement guidelines




  • CSS
  • NodeJs
  • Typescript
  • Javascipt
  • HTML


  • ReactJs
  • Redux
  • Mongoose
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • ExpressJs


  • Adobe Audition
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